Hot Oil Massage

Experience the Charm of Foot Reflexology with Hot Oil Massage

Welcome to Sen Foot Massage! We are located on the busy streets of Houston so that you can easily find us. Our objective is to use remedies that are natural and nature's own solutions for restoring and relieving the pain. We are dedicated to making your body strong and leaving the mind completely calm and refreshing.

Our body parts have plenty of points that connect it to the nerves which end in the spinal cord. Two of the major places are palm and foot. The inner part of the foot has plenty of points which are responsible for carrying the blood to and fro. We know that the skin on the soles is least sensitive in comparison to rest of the body; therefore, it is the most suitable place to try out hot oil massage by using essential oils.

Masseurs from our massage center have complete knowledge about foot reflexology and how the oils should be used in order to get desired outcomes. We basically dilute the oil and then apply on your soles followed by a massage and rubbing the bottom of your feet. This activity helps the skin in absorbing the soil without any chance of a reaction. Hot oil massage is an ideal lotion during foot massage because it stimulates the cells.

When we are performing foot reflexology you will notice that your body along with the mind is relaxed and peaceful. The pleasure of foot massage is unexplainable as the most active part of the body is pampered. As mentioned before, your foot has thousands of nerve endings thus it corresponds to each and every organ of the body helping them release tension and stress.

Visit Sen Foot Massage for Foot Reflexology services as we assure you the best experience of foot massage and its pleasure. Book your schedule today!