Shiatsu Massage

Balanced Internal Functioning with Shiatsu Massage

Here you will get a multitude of massage techniques but the problem is to understand which massage form is beneficial for you because at times it is too confusing. Shiatsu massage is one of the forms that are in high demand because of the noticeable benefits that our clients get to experience. This is a traditional method of massage which helps to restore the misbalance in your body by promoting proper flow of energy.

At Sen Foot Massage, we have a group of therapists who specializes in shiatsu massage having a certificate and enough training for delivering results and satisfaction to all our clients. Literally, this massage therapy means the application of pressure on the body parts with the fingers by the therapist to release the deeply rooted aches from the muscles and tissues. We also use the acupuncture method during this therapy but use fingers instead of needles.

When performing the massage therapy we provide you a robe or gown that is light and loose fitting to you and if your comfort zone is by getting the massage therapy directly on the skin it is much easier and effective. When you visit us for this therapy with an expectation to remove all the body aches, we pledge to heal you from the suffering.

Shiatsu massage is ideal on curing specific disease and injuries. It improves the symptoms of insomnia, poor health conditions, anxiety, and soreness and so on. As soon as you recover, we provide you technique and suggestions about how to maintain your good health. You can also continue the massage sessions.

You will experience proper functioning of the nervous system, better posture; efficient circulatory system, muscles, internal secretion, and stimulation in a balanced form. Thus visit us for creating a harmony among all the organs of the body. Feel free to contact us!