Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage - 90 Minutes for Complete Relaxation!

Going for a massage therapy? Are you unable to decide which is the best and suitable for your body? Come to Sen Foot Massage a reputed and popular massage center in Houston. We are massage specialists and offer an array of massage services to all our clients not only to relax your mind and body but to cure and heal the chronic aches. Swedish massage is the most usual kind of massage system followed in various part of the world.

This is an ideal massage therapy especially to start with. This has a therapeutic effect only when performed by our experts or trained therapists. Swedish massage is influenced by various other western styles such as aromatherapy, sports massage or deep tissue massage. When you are going for this specific massage session we suggest you take a maximum of 75 to 90 minutes or a minimum of 50 to 60 minutes.

75 to 90minutes is an ideal time as the therapist has enough time to work on the muscles and tissues to achieve the desired results. The masseur uses various techniques and suitable strokes so that it does not only release pain but it also makes a person feel calm and stress-free. The massage has gentle and slow strokes along with bracing and vigorous ones which depend on the style of professional therapists. The amount of pressure applied on your body depends on the how much you can tolerate.

Our professional can work on the deeper tissues and muscles for providing relief to you from the chronic muscular pain but you should be able to bear the pressure which can be caused during the session. Our clients have noticed the change in their body after two sessions; therefore, we guarantee you comfortable and relaxing massage therapy sessions.

At Sen Foot Massage we use massage oils for performing the strokes as it works as a lubricant. The oil warms up the tissues releasing the knots and tensions. For a great experience of Swedish massage visit us or give us a call to book your appointment!