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Deep Tissue Massage

Sen Foot Massage is one of the most professional and best massage therapist massages that offers a wide spectrum of therapeutic and relaxation massage services.

Our prime objective at Sen Foot Massage is to provide the best professional massage service for various individual and corporate organizations. Our fully qualified, friendly and insured professionals aim to de-stress work force, revitalizing and relaxing mind and body. The purpose of enforcing a regular massage wellness scheme is to enhance culture, boost morale and maximize productivity.

Executed in an ongoing capacity, constant massage treatments can expel persistent tension and pain, improve energy level and reduce stress, leaving the recipient energized and refreshed, alert and focused. On completion of our massage sessions, various participants feel alert yet relaxed, preparing more productive, recharged and dynamic staff.

Relaxed, healthy and less stressed personnel perform better, are more productive and efficient, and absent less generally. Implementing a massage program is preventative medicine, maintaining and creating loyal and healthy individuals.

Proven to reduce stress and health claims, massage treatment is a sound investment for individuals and small and large businesses alike. Employees are the most valuable belongings in any organization and a massage program is a perfect way to care for and reward those belongings.

Our Shiatsu foot massage works the meridians of the body that flow into the feet to stimulate the functions of the internal organs. Foot reflexology can reduce painful symptoms such as headache, stress, asthma, constipation, sinusitis and more. Chinese foot massage increases blood circulation and returns the body to its natural homeostatic state.