Helpful Facts about Hone Stone Massage Therapy

Sen Foot Massage provides professional hot stone massage experience at affordable rates on all the days of the week. Guests entering our spa or massage hub will be enveloped in aromas and soothing sounds while your journey for restoration and relaxation awaits you!

In this fast moving world where stress is common, our various massage sessions will help you release tension, soothe the weary muscles and control the migraines. Among the different kinds of massage, you should ask about our signature hot stone massage which is designed for melting away the anxiety of hectic schedule and deadlines.

We have professional that specialize in this kind of massage therapy to ease the muscles and liberate anxiety. We use basalt, which is a volcanic rock and has the feature of retaining heat. The stones are heated at the degrees of 130 to 145. You should know that placement of hot stone on the body is very important to receive desirable results. At our massage center, we have trained professional who has the necessary experience thus can place the stones in the correct order and achieve best results.

The experts hold the stones while performing the therapy and move them in a circular manner, tapping, long strokes, kneading or vibrating. The strokes are dependent on the problems you are facing. As soon as the hot stone massaging is complete we use cold stones to relax and calm the inflamed blood vessels. Enjoy the advantages of hot stone massage by visiting our massage parlor!

Facts about hot stone massage therapy:

  • Hot stones are placed on the different parts of the body
  • The stones are flat, heated and smooth to repair the damaged cells or tissues
  • A barrier or layer is placed between the skin and stones to prevent burning of the skin
  • It is helpful and suitable in a plethora of conditions